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Hey! Thanks for checking out my website!

I'll start by saying that I'm completely obsessed with photography. I spend a good chunk of my time thinking about photoshoots, poses, colour, locations, editing styles - literally consumes my mind. And after working with clients, I always get a rush of joy and excitement, and then I cannot wait to run to my computer and get your pictures back to you because I know you're just as excited. 

When you work with me, you can expect a really natural experience. I want the experience to be fun (we can't avoid a crying toddler, but we can laugh at the chaos later lol), and I truly feel like I make it a good experience. You can rely on me to choose a location, direct you with poses and prompts, and sometimes I can be funny;)

After 10 years of running my photography business, I truly feel like I've made a friendship with each client. I love getting to know everyone in our community and I look forward to creating timeless memories for your family and home to enjoy.

xo Brooke

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