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Hey, I'm Brooke!   Thank you for visiting my site. Here is a quick summary of who I am :)   I was born in the NWT and have been living in Whitehorse, Yukon for over 20 years.  I live in this beautiful territory with my fiance and we are raising two boys. When I'm not mom'ing it up, I enjoy nature walks with my pup, playing at the lakes, listening to music, and yoga! ​ MY INSPIRATION I love visual imagery and getting creative with painting, drawing, or taking photos -- this is where I thrive. There is way more to photography than focus, composition and exposing.. there is an art for selecting the right moment. My favourites are the 'in-between' moments.. so you'll notice in most of my work it's not your typical smiling shot; it might be an intense stare from your very independent toddler, the giggles from your children, or the face of a new mom looking down at her new baby.. ahh I just can't get enough of real, human emotion!   When I started my professional photography career I learned so many new things about myself but it also validated that I truly enjoy meeting new people and making new connections. And with that connection I get to create timeless portraits for you to cherish for a lifetime which is incredibly exciting and fulfilling.   ​ xo Brooke

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